About Stephanie

Stephanie King grew up in Indiana with a crafty mother and a father interested in architecture and drafting; he was also a copier repairman, so there was always lots of paper in the house.  She began drawing at an early age, and looking up to her older cousin, she focused on drawing throughout high school.

Then, when it was time to decide on a college major, a decision had to be made--graphic design or economics.  She chose economics, but ended up with a degree in finance.  Was this decision a mistake?  Who knows, but Stephanie's love of art, drawing, and creating was never lost.

Currently, Stephanie spends her free time creating:  drawing, illustrating, throwing pots, crocheting.  These activities, she feels, are an outlet to grow and develop her artistic skills.

Stephanie can be contacted at studioofstephanie{at}gmail.com